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Turn your life-changing speech or sermon into a book!

If you are a speaker or a minister, you may want to consider turning your signature presentations or sermons into a book. If you have written a speech, you have a lot of the hard work already done when it comes to writing your book. Here are some tips you can use to turn your speech or sermon into a book.

Are you ready to generate REAL revenue from your book?

In this special masterclass, I share the 3 non-negotiable things you MUST do before you write that 10K Business Book. Specifically, I cover:

  • 14 ways you can monetize the message of your book

  • The 3 plans you must have in place for a successful business book launch

  • As a bonus, I will walk you through a step by step plan to make 10K from your next book

Confused about which funnels you need in your business?

Download this easy-to-read cheat sheet which outlines 7 simple funnels you should have to build your list, promote your offers and generate revenue for your business.

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