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Original IFT 1000This is how my first book started out. It was a hand-written devotional that I was planning to teach for a Bible class. It was filled with terrible handwriting and bad grammar, but I knew what I wanted to say. Putting it on paper got the thoughts out of my head so that I could refine them. That was around 1998.

Fast forward to 2008. I was searching on the internet for a book. I found the book on a site called Lulu.com. Once I placed the order, I received a confirmation screen that indicated that my book would be shipped as soon as it was printed. Printed? I looked at the copyright date which showed that the book was several years old. This was NOT a new book. Why would it need to be printed?

That day I discovered something that would forever change my life, On-demand printing. I always wanted to publish a book but in 1998, there was no such thing as self-publishing. Even by 2001, the cost to have a vanity publisher produce a book started at $5000. However, I was able to publish my first book in 2009 for the whopping cost of $35, which was the cost of 3 proof books I ordered to make sure that “it was real.”

Since then, I have written 3 other books and the publishing company that I helped to start has published over 19 authors with close to 40 books. I have helped many aspiring writers publish their books and start their own publishing companies. But it started with one thing, THAT FIRST BOOK.


Has “write a book” been on your goal or resolution list for years but you just haven’t been able to start or complete the task?

If you have wanted to write a book but you have not been able to start writing, or you have started but never finished, you are not alone.  Many people have a desire to write and some even start writing.  However, they don’t have the resources, knowledge or encouragement to finish.

But here is the really sad part of all of this. Someone could be waiting to hear your story. Whatever it is that you have been inspired to write, whether it is your life story, a non-fiction inspirational or instructional book or a great novel, someone needs to hear it.  How do I know that?  Because I don’t believe that you would be inspired to write it if someone didn’t need it.

Are you sitting on information that could change someone’s life?  You don’t have to any longer. Allow me to help you write your book.

Join us for our 10-week “Write Your Book FAST” Online Group Coaching Program. In this program, I will walk you step-by-step through the process of getting your book written FAST. Each week you will receive video and/or audio lessons that will detail each step that you need to complete in order to write your book. You will have access to our exclusive Facebook group where you can ask questions and get additional help and inspiration. We will have weekly live calls where I will explain in detail the task for the week. The calls will be recorded so you can replay them at anytime. You will also have the opportunity to have 2 personal coaching calls with me where we can talk about your specific book project.  

In This Program You Will Learn:

  • How spending less than 1 hour a day can lead to the completion of your rough draft in as little as 4 weeks
  • How to decide your book writing strategy
  • How to research your topic
  • Easy ways to organize and outline your book
  • Strategies that will help you achieve BIC-FOK (Butt in Chair, Fingers on Keyboard)
  • Tips I use when writing my rough draft
  • The strategy I used to write the rough draft for a 50,000 word novel in 30 days
  • How to make your message appealing to your audience
  • How to move your manuscript from rough draft to second draft

Week 1

Deciding Your Topic

We will spend the first week getting clear on your topic. Are you going to write a fiction or non-fiction book? What will be your subject? By the end of this week, you should have a working title and subtitle.

Week 2

Researching Your Topic

Now that you have decided your topic, it’s time to do some research. During this phase you not only research information for your book, but I will show you my super clever way of finding out EXACTLY what your target market is looking for in your book.

Week 3

Deciding Your Hook/Outlining Your Book

During this week we will help you decide what your hook will be and I will show you how to craft a book outline that will practically write itself.

Weeks 4-7

Writing the Rough Draft

Now the fun begins. Over the next 4 weeks I will show you how to easily write the rough draft of your book using 15-30 minutes blocks of time. No need to spend hours and hours crafting your book.

Weeks 8-10

Producing Your Second Draft

Congrats, your rough draft is written. During this segment, I will show tips and tricks for editing your rough draft and producing a great second draft.

Bonus Material

The Editing Process

Your manuscript is now ready for editing. I will explain the editing process, show you how to choose the right editor for you and show you how to layout your manuscript for editing. 

Vanessa Collins Headshot 2 0216 400

Vanessa Collins is an author, publisher and Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP). She helps small businesses and entrepreneurs develop digital marketing strategies so that they can monetize their message without getting lost in the sea of technology that is available. She owns Vanessa Collins LLC which is a business coaching and consulting firm specializing in author/publishing coaching, social media branding, and business planning. Vanessa also co-owns Heart Thoughts Publishing and Tahitian Black Companies. She has personally written and published 4 books and two publishing companies have published 19 authors totally close to 40 books.  In addition, she has helped several authors start their own publishing/coaching businesses. 

As a certified digital marketing professional, Vanessa shows her clients how to navigate the waters of digital marketing and social media to increase their brand recognition, customer attraction and retention. Vanessa stays on the cutting edge of technology and provides timely information for her clients so that they can make fast, informed decisions about their business. She also provides various professional business services including web design and social media management. She is the creator of Digital Mastery for Women and Digital Mastery Academy.

What You Will Need

I am confident that you can do this. However, you MUST have the following in order to be successful with this boot camp:

  • Time:  If you are SERIOUS about completing your book, it’s only going to take about 5 hours a week. You set your own schedule but you must put the time in to learn and write. I suggest that you spend 60 minutes a day for 3 weekdays and 2 hours on either Saturday or Sunday.  Remember, the book will NOT write itself.
  • A Determination to Get This Done: While I can offer you my wisdom, motivation and encouragement, I cannot make you do the work. Things may come up while you are taking this class. That is life. You must have a determination to finish this task.

What Past Participants Have Said

After years of trying to finish up my book, Vanessa Collins’ “Write Your Book Fast” course gave me the tips, the structure, and the motivation to get it done! I recommend the course for anyone trying to start, or finish a book project. It’s an awesome experience! Maria Martin

Vanessa has a unique way of putting the important points into perspective. This allows for keen insight of the task at hand. Her course was a great experience and I highly recommend it. Sharon Ighodaro

After years of having the story in my mind. Vanessa guided me in her lovely and inspired way to start putting the story in words. So here I am, writing my first novel! I really encourage those who want to write or those who have a story or a draft to enroll in “Write Your Book Fast.” Vanessa will help you to make your book a reality. Analia Pisey

I had procrastinated writing a book for the last 8 years and finally the opportunity was presented with Vanessa’s Write Your Book Fast Class! I have completed so much in 10 weeks. I am happy to say that the information, teaching, training and encouragement is priceless. I am close to finishing my book and now have the information and tools needed for the final steps. THANK YOU!!! Joyce Black

Don’t postpone your dream of completing your book.  Act now and register for our Write Your Book FAST Boot Camp.  You will not regret it!

Program Includes

  • Access to our exclusive “Write and Publish Your Book FAST” Facebook group
  • Access to the “Write and Publish Your Book FAST” Online Training Series complete with transcript and video content
  • Video and/or written lessons posted weekly
  • Weekly bonus content including “Your Questions Answered”
  • Recordings of all calls
  • Two one-on-one 20 minute coaching calls about your specific project

My one-on-one clients normally paid $997 for book/writing coaching. However, I really want to help you succeed so I am taking away ALL of your excuses. For a limited time, pay $49 to reserve your seat and $49 per week for 10 weeks. Wave goodbye to those excuses! I will even waive the registration fee and give you a week for free if you pay all at once. 

Boot Camp Starts Monday, October 16, 2017

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If you have wanted to write and publish a book, but you thought that it was too complicated, too expensive and too time-consuming, think again.  Register for this Write Your Book FAST Boot Camp.