When You Don’t Meet Your Revenue Goal

by | Feb 29, 2016

A year ago, I would have been ready to climb under a rock and host a pity party. I would have cried about how hard it is to be an entrepreneur. Not this time. No pity party here, it’s time to get to work!

One of the great things about having goals that you track is that you know when you have achieved it. There is no doubt, no ambiguity. You did it. You saw, you conquered!

What about when you don’t meet your goal? See, that’s the problem when it comes to tracking your goals. You also know when you don’t achieve it. You know for a fact that you didn’t lose the weight, you didn’t finish the project, or as in my case, you didn’t hit your revenue goal.

True Confession

Yes, I am admitting it. As one of the old church mothers would say back at my home church, “Tell the truth and shame the devil.” Well, I don’t know how much shame the devil is feeling but I know that not hitting my revenue goal could make me feel very ashamed, if I let it.

A year ago, I would have felt so defeated if I had a revenue goal and didn’t meet it. In order to avoid that, I would set goals but I would be a little lackadaisical about systematically checking to see where I was. If I knew that I was having a slack period where I wasn’t meeting my goal, I would simply decide that “next month” would be my officially check in. Of course, I would get to the end of the year and wonder where the time had gone and lament over the fact that I didn’t meet my goal.

That was then, this is now. Thanks to Dekesha Williams and Turiya Hodge of Peak Performers Institute, I no longer have an excuse as to why I don’t know my numbers and why I am not coming up with a plan for improvement. Listen, there is no shame in having a plan that doesn’t work. It happens. As entrepreneurs we are always trying to come up with ways to improve our business. Technology is always giving us innovative methods to reach our market and sell our goods and services. Sometimes our plans work and sometimes they don’t. What is shameful is when you don’t take the time to see if your plan is working and when you don’t take action to tweak and re-evaluate your strategy and make a change. That’s just pitiful.

So, I am not going to be a pitiful entrepreneur. I am going to some changes.

The Evergreen Revenue Model

I have been following Dekesha and Turiya’s teaching on the Evergreen Revenue Model for months. If you are not familiar with it, the Evergreen Revenue Model is a series of marketing and sales sequences designed to help you get more leads and make more sales with less effort. It was developed by Peak Performers Institute founders Che Brown and Trevor Otts and is based on what they like to call the “Giver’s Economy.” You can learn more about the Evergreen Revenue Model here at: http://bit.ly/1RgF9Qv

The two sequences that I must work on this month are the Evergreen Prospecting Sequence and the Evergreen Event Sequence. This will help me grow my list, connect with potential customers and make more sales. If I make more sales, I will smash my revenue goal. You can see Dekesha and Turiya’s excellent training right here: http://bit.ly/216aaf9

Make sure you bookmark it.

So follow me this month as I test out the Evergreen Prospecting and Event Sequences. Let’s see how close I get to that revenue goal this month!

What about you? How did you do last month with your goals? What changes are you making? I have total confidence in you, as well as myself. We are going to rock this month. We are #PowerfulNotPitiful entrepreneurs. Let’s get it DONE.