Small Biz On Fleek Conference – Now What?

by | May 16, 2016

Fifteen months ago, I had no idea who Che Brown and Trevor Otts were. I had never heard of Peak Performers Institute or the 72 Hours of Power. I’m not even sure how I got on the mailing list but I received a text message from a strange number inviting me to tune into this virtual conference. I figured, “Why not?” My business was a little slow and I was always looking for ways to improve it. After being totally immersed in 72 Hours of Power, I emerged with a sense of renewed purpose. I walked away with over 25 pages of notes and ideas about what I needed to do the take my business to the next level.

I wish I could say that I put all of those ideas to work. I didn’t. But over the next 6 months I took a few key ideas and I put them into action. The biggest thing I did was to “stay in the conversation.” I participated in the other virtual conferences hosted by Peak Performers Institute. During that time I was able to meet other awesome entrepreneurs that I had never met. There was this huge network of brilliant, successful, mostly African American entrepreneurs that I never heard of. You don’t know what you don’t know and you don’t know WHO you don’t know. Just meeting and interacting with these brilliant minds set my business on a whole new course.

Fast forward to May 2016. In 15 months, my business has transcended to a whole different stratosphere (yeah, forget new level). Not only did I get a chance to stay in the conversation, I was offered the opportunity to become part of the Peak Performers team. This weekend, after 15 months, I had the opportunity to meet not only Che and Trevor, I was able to meet many of the other members of the team who have become my business family over the last year.

It didn’t stop there. I was also able to attend and speak at the Small Biz On Fleek conference. The information that was shared at that conference was amazing. I received so many nuggets for my business that, quite honestly, it was almost overwhelming. However, I realized that I needed to come up with a plan so that this would not be just another great conference I attended. I needed a conference “implementation plan.”

So, here it is. I am going to go through all of my notes and share those notes with you via my blog. I am going to also develop a comprehensive to-do list based on those notes that I will share with you via Google Drive. Finally, I am going to schedule some time every day to work on the list. It may be only 15 minutes a day but consistency is key. It may take me months to get through the entire list but that’s ok. At least I will be making progress.

I invite you to join me. Make sure that you subscribe to my blog feed or follow me on Facebook. You can find our Facebook page here. Each day I will post my progress and my challenges. If you have some great advice to share, make sure you do. We can all learn from each other. Remember, this is our year of action! Let’s do this.