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Our Publish Your Book FAST Boot Camp is now OPEN for registration.


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Learn How To Self-Publish The RIGHT Way.


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I would love to work with you to get your book published.

Congratulations on completing your manuscript. That was no small feat. Now it’s time to get it published. You have several options to choose from. You can try to go with a traditional publishing house but you will probably need to obtain the services of a literary agent since many publishing companies do not accept unsolicited manuscripts. They will most likely require that you prepare a book proposal, which can be time-consuming and costly. You can self-publish with companies like Author House, Outskirts Press or Archway Publishing but that will be costly also. Although you can get a bare minimum package at Outskirts Press for about $900, it will cost over $2000 with Author House or Archway. Even the publishing company that I co-own, Heart Thoughts Publishing, will charge you over $1000 to publish your book. That’s great, but what if you have more than one book you want to publish? Are you prepared to pay out $1000 each time you want to publish a book and get your message out to the world? There is a better solution.

Let me show you, step-by-step, how to publish your own book.

In my Publish Your Book FAST Boot Camp, I will show you how to prepare your manuscript for print, obtain your ISBN, upload your manuscript to the various on-demand printing companies and set your book up for global distribution, including  At the end of this program, you should have a proof copy of your book in hand.

In This Program You Will Learn:

  • How to choose an editor for your book
  • How to work with a graphic designer for your cover
  • How to put together a simple, but elegant book cover yourself
  • How to lay your book out for printing
  • How to choose the right printer and distribution company
  • How to publish other people’s books

What our clients say about us…

To my book coach, mentor, motivator, Vanessa Collins, who entered my life when I almost gave up. Your calls, your texts, emails and gentle persuasions made this possible to be in print. Thank you! Pastor Helga Clarke

Author of Forgiveness is Not an Option, Harvest Fire Worship Center, Miami, FL

Vanessa has been an excellent guide and mentor, keeping me on course and leading me meticulously through the production of this book. She is a straight shooter with business savvy and a five-star role model for whom I have the utmost respect and admiration.

Betty Jo Ross

Author of Mom Moments, Zenith Publishing, Las Vegas, Nevada

Vanessa Collins, you have been a Godsend. Thank you for your help and your encouragement. When I didn’t think I could do it, you assured me that I could.

Rev. Debbie Marable Smith

Author of Shedding Silent Tears, Penned for Purpose Publishing, Charlotte, North Carolina

My one-on-one clients normally paid $997 for coaching. However, I really want to help you succeed so I am taking away ALL of your excuses. For a limited time, pay $49 to reserve your seat and $49 per week for 10 weeks. Wave goodbye to those excuses! I will even waive the registration fee and give you a week for free if you pay all at once. 

Boot Camp Starts Monday, July 10, 2017

 If you are ready, choose your payment option below to register.

1 Payment of $530


$59 Registration Fee, $59 per week for 10 Weeks (Total of 11 payments) Note: Payments will start when you register. Start paying now and be done with payments before the class ends.




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Once the class begins, you have 3 days to drop the course and get a full refund.

About Your Coach

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Vanessa Collins is an author, publisher and Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP). She helps small businesses and entrepreneurs develop digital marketing strategies so that they can monetize their message without getting lost in the sea of technology that is available. She owns Vanessa Collins LLC which is a business coaching and consulting firm specializing in author/publishing coaching, social media branding, and business planning. Vanessa also co-owns Heart Thoughts Publishing and Tahitian Black Companies. She has personally written and published 4 books and two publishing companies have published 19 authors totally close to 40 books.  In addition, she has helped several authors start their own publishing/coaching businesses. 

As a certified digital marketing professional, Vanessa shows her clients how to navigate the waters of digital marketing and social media to increase their brand recognition, customer attraction and retention. Vanessa stays on the cutting edge of technology and provides timely information for her clients so that they can make fast, informed decisions about their business. She also provides various professional business services including web design and social media management. She is the creator of Digital Mastery for Women and Digital Mastery Academy.