Mind Mapping: 3 Free Online Resources to Help Writers Organize Their Thoughts

by | Oct 20, 2014

Mind mapping is an excellent way to brainstorm and organize ideas, particularly for writers. If you are writing non-fiction, your mind is often bombarded with great ideas on what you want to include in your book. However, if you don’t get those ideas organized, you may feel lost in your thoughts. If fiction is your area, you have a lot to keep track of mentally when you first start thinking about your project.  Where will the story take place? Who are your main characters? What are your plots and subplots?

These are 3 great mind mapping resources that you can use to help plan your next book. Each is free and relatively simple to use.


This site provides great insight to those that are new to the process. It also includes information on some of the computer software and applications available.


Coggle is a free, simple to use mind mapping tool that allows online collaboration. You can save your mind map as a PDF or PNG.


Text2MindMaps is an online mind mapping tool that will convert an outline into a mind map. Each map can be downloaded as a PDF, image, or emailed to share with collaborators.

An Example

mindmapHere is an example of the beginning of a mind map that I am using for a new book. It was done with Coggle.

  What mind mapping tools do you use?