$59 Per Week 

Class Starts Monday, October 16th

Write Your Book FAST Fall Boot Camp

Has “write a book” been on your goal or resolution list for years but you just haven’t been able to start or complete the task? Are you sitting on information that could change someone’s life?  You don’t have to any longer. Allow me to help you write your book. Join us for our 10-week “Write Your Book FAST” Online Group Coaching Program. In this program, I will walk you step-by-step through the process of getting your book written FAST.

Class Starts Monday, October 16th

Promote Your Book FAST Fall Boot Camp

Join us for our 10-week “Promote Your Book FAST” Online Group Coaching Program. In this program, I will walk you step-by-step through the process of setting up the systems you need to promote and sell your book. Each week you will receive video and/or audio lessons that will detail each step that you need to complete. You will have access to our exclusive Facebook group where you can ask questions and get additional help and inspiration. We will have weekly live calls where I will explain in detail the task for the week. The calls will be recorded so you can replay them at anytime. You will also have the opportunity to have a personal coaching call with me where we can talk about your specific book project.

$99 Per Week 

Program Starts Monday, October 16th 

Mastery Academy Certification Program

The BIGGEST money making question that most authors are asked…They get WRONG!!! The biggest money making question you will be asked, as an author is not, “How much is YOUR book?” It will be, “Can you help me write/publish MY book.” In our Mastery Academy Certification Program, we offer 3 certifications for those interested in the publishing industry. Our Writing Mastery Academy certifies you to teach my Write Your Book FAST Coaching Program. I will show you how to do groups as well as individual coaching for those that have a book in them but they need your help to get it out. Our Publishing Mastery Academy shows you how to produce professional quality, self published books AND how to train others to do the same. In our Promotion Mastery Academy, I will show you how to promote your book, achieve Amazon “Best Seller” status and how to develop other products and services from your book. 

Year Round 

Digital Mastery Academy Total Access

In Digital Mastery Academy – TOTAL ACCESS, you have access to ALL of my classes, those that I have taught in the past, those that I am currently teaching and those that I will teach in the future.  No more worries about having money when a particular class launches or being pressed about getting a seat in a class before it sells out. As a member of Digital Mastery Academy – TOTAL ACCESS, you have a seat in EVERY class.You have access to all handouts and recordings so that you can choose to take the class at your convenience. And…as a TOTAL ACCESS member, you will have access to our BAs (Business Assistants) who will be able to answer your questions.

$25 Per Month

Year Round

Digital Mastery For Women Membership Program

Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out the technology in your business? If you are not using some of the top digital strategies in your business, you are leaving money on the table and you are probably working harder than you should. That is why I created the Digital Mastery for Women Monthly Program. In this monthly membership program, you will learn the technology you need to help you grow your business.