Are you losing money because your potential customers are getting lost in your business process?

Funnels, Sequences and Paths, Oh My!

Crafting a Profitable Sales Funnel

In this 4 week, hands-on workshop, you will learn how to easily develop the content you need to craft a sales funnel that will turn your potential audience into buying customers and then raving fans.

In this workshop we will cover how to:

  • Evaluate your current customer’s journey and see what changes you need to make.
  • Use social media to develop lead magnets that people really want.
  • Splinter your core product into an irresistible offer.
  • Write emails that will speak to your target audience and compel them to take action.
  • Set your customer journey on automatic pilot so that you can spend time doing what you love – servicing your clients.  

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Weekly class begins Tuesday, March 7, 2017 at 7:00 PM EST

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Vanessa Collins

Vanessa Collins

Certified Digital Marketing Strategist

I am Vanessa Collins. I am an author, publisher and Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP). Most importantly, I am a women entrepreneur that has built 2 successfully businesses: Vanessa Collins LLC which is a business coaching and consulting firm specializing in author/publishing coaching, social media branding, and business planning and Heart Thoughts Publishing where we have published over 20 authors totally close to 40 books. I am a certified specialist in the following EIGHT digital marketing areas:

  • Customer Value Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Email Marketing
  • Social and Community Management
  • Search Marketing
  • Analytics and Data
  • Optimization and Testing