About Me - Vanessa Collins

Minister, Author, Speaker, Seminar Leader, Coach and Entrepreneur

Vanessa Collins is a minister, author, speaker, seminar leader, coach and entrepreneur. She owns Vanessa Collins LLC which is business coaching and consulting firm specializing in author/publishing coaching, social media branding, and business planning.  As an author/publishing coach, she has helped many people realize their dream of becoming a published author.  Her clients have included Lawrence Perkins (Transcending Greatness), Debbie Marable Smith (Shedding Silent Tears), Dorsey Howard (One Way), Rev. Paul Jakes, Jr. (Breakfast with God) and Edgar Gosa (A Healing Conversation).  Several of her clients have gone on to start their own publishing and coaching businesses.

As a social media and business planning coach, Vanessa has helped her clients define their vision, develop and implement their strategies and grow their businesses.  She shows her clients how to navigate the waters of social media to increase their brand recognition, customer attraction and retention.  Vanessa stays on the cutting edge of technology and provides timely information for her clients so that they can make fast, informed decisions about their business. Vanessa also provides various professional business services including web design, press release preparation and distribution.  Her clients have included Julia Royston (BK Royston Publishing), Deon Norris (Soulboyee Records), and Donnie Mack (I Tutor You Tutor).

As a speaker, Vanessa is known for her ability to explain and break down any subject.  She speaks on a number of topics that will inspire and encourage you to impact the world with your services and products.

Vanessa is also co-owner of Heart Thoughts Publishing and has written and published several books including, “Intensive Faith Therapy,” “The Promises of God,” “The Promises of Jesus,” and “50 Mistakes Grant Writers Make.”

The Promises of Jesus

In this incredible 31-day journey, you will be able to renew your mind regarding these awesome, life changing promises.  Each devotional contains a powerful promise, a meditation on the promise to help you understand the passage, a power affirmation to help you renew your mind and apply the promise to your life and a beautiful color photo.

The Promises of God

Are you living God’s best? Would you like to walk victoriously in the promises of God? If so, you are invited to participate in this 31-day journey to renew your mind with the promises of God.  Act now and pick up this book to start your transformation today!

50 Mistakes Grant Writers Make

Many times grant proposals are not funded because the proposal itself was poorly written. The purpose of this book is to help you, the grant writer, present your case in the best way possible. Although there are many errors that can be made when preparing a grant proposal, fifty of the most common mistakes grant writers make are highlighted here.

Intensive Faith Therapy

Intensive Faith Therapy is an intense examination of our trust, hope, faith, praise and thoughts toward God. Discover the three conditions that must be met in order for God to grant the desires of your heart (one of which involves laughter), how your attitude about worship affects the manifestation of God in your life, and even ways to repair your faith in the face of disaster and so much more.