29 Days To Go – Countdown To My Event

by | Feb 19, 2016

Sometimes, you just have to take on a huge, impossible goal and make it happen.

Although I consider myself a great implementer, sometimes I can get a little carried away in the planning process for certain projects. I love the charts, boards and numbers, figuring out how it is all going to work. Unfortunately, a few times I have gotten so caught up in planning process that I never got to the implementation stage. I thought about the idea for so long that I missed the opportunity to put the plan into action. If you have fallen into this trap before, you will find my current project very interesting and it may even inspire you.

I am hosting a live event in 29 days. Yes, on March 19, 2016 I am having a wonderful, live event in the Louisville, KY area. Here’s the thing; I have not planning ANYTHING yet. Well, let me correct that. I do have a date: March 19, 2016 and I do have a location: BBC Four Roses Bourbon Barrel Loft in Downtown Louisville. But beyond that, I have nothing.

I am not new to event planning and I know that this is not the optimal way to do it but things happen. I normally would never book a venue and not have a plan in place but…I just couldn’t help myself. See, what had happen was…

The Real Story

My daughter decided to have a networking event for her 24 birthday (a child after my own heart). She tells me, “Ma, I found this great venue in downtown Louisville for only $100 and I don’t even have to order food if I don’t want to.” Knowing the questions I would ask, she decided to send the link to their website as well.

I looked at the website and thought, “Wow.” It was BEAUTIFUL. I could hardly believe the price she quoted. We decided to visit the place for ourselves and see what the REAL DEAL was.

The pictures on the website did not do it justice (You can look at the pictures yourself here: http://www.bbcbrew.com/bourbon-barrel-loft. The space is fabulous. As it turns out, the space goes for $1500 and more during the evening hours. However, they are trying to establish themselves as venue for day events as well so they are temporarily offering this lower price.  

As I said, I am not new to event planning. I have planned many conferences and I usually have at least one live event each year. I know how much a nice venue cost. Last year I spend $1000 for the venue I rented for my 2015 Empowerment Conference and that was a great deal. But when I saw this beautiful space for only $100, I knew that I had to take action and book a date.

So, that’s what I did. I told the manager to book a date for me in March. I thought to myself, “You have plenty of time to come up with something.” Well, plenty of time has gone by. It’s time to take action.

It’s Time For Action

Just like many of you, I started off with great intentions.  I booked the date mid-January which would have given me 2 months to plan the event. But life happened. Some of it was good. I landed a huge client whose projects have taken up a lot of my time. Some of it was not so good. My father passed in January which required me to take two out of town trips which where unexpected. But in all of that, I have to get moving. I am an entrepreneur and that’s what we do.

It’s time to get into action and I want you to help me and follow me on this journey. It’s time to use some of that great knowledge I have gained over the last few years. I am pulling out all of my Sandi Krakowski’s social media savvy, Ryan Deiss’s Digital Marketing Mastery and Che Brown/Trevor Otts’ Evergreen Revenue Model sequences. Let’s see how we can pull this off in less than 30 days.

Progress (29 days to go) 

Have date and venue.  

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