28 Days To Go – Countdown To My Event

by | Feb 21, 2016

Once you know your “why,” everything else becomes clear.

I am so excited about the progress that I made today on this event. If you just started following me, make sure that you read the first blog post in this series to see where we started from.

My goal today was to figure out what I am going to do at this event. What’s my theme? What will I talk about?  In order to figure this out I needed to ask myself two questions. First, what problem am I trying to solve with this event? Secondly, what is the desired next step I want the audience to take WITH ME as a result of this event? Once you answer these two questions, everything else will fall into place.

For me, I want to help my audience establish a digital marketing strategy that will allow them to reach their desired audience, monetize their message and increase their business revenues. There are so many businesses in my community that don’t have a clue about how to really use the internet to grow their business. I want to help these businesses. If you are planning a live event, make sure that you are clear on how you want to serve your audience.

Start With The End In Mind

The second question is where many of us mess up. We don’t have a clear understanding of where the event fits in our sequence (or sales funnel, as many call it) and we do not have a desired, DEFINED path that we want the audience to take after the event. This is the mistake that I made last year when planning my 2015 Empowerment Conference. I knew how I wanted to help my audience but I didn’t have a clear, defined path that I wanted the audience to take. Although I had a great conference, I did not follow up properly with the audience so the event did not accomplish what I wanted it to.

For this event, my desired, defined path that I would like my audience to take after having spent time with me at this event is to sign up for my in-depth class on digital marketing. Now that I have that goal established, everything else that I do is designed to support that goal.

You have to start with the end in mind. Clearly establish what the goal is. Be specific. What is the name of the goal? How much does it cost? Who will it serve? Once you know that, you can start planning your event.

Here are the specifics of my goal. At the end of this event, I want the audience to sign up for my 8-month Master Training Series: Building a Digital Marketing Strategy That Works. The program will begin in April 2016 and run through Dec 2016. The cost of the program is $649 (one-time payment) or $97 month for 8 months.

Let The Event Planning Begin

Countdown to Event








Now that I know my end-game, I can begin planning my event. Since my event will serve as a sort of lead-in offer for my training series, the title of my event will closely resemble the title of the training series. The working title for my event is: Master Training Series, Subtitle: Fundamentals of Building a Digital Marketing Strategy That Works. This live event will now become a workshop where I will give an overview of the 8 critical core disciplines of digital marketing and I will help audience START developing a digital marketing strategy for their business. From there, I hope that they will want to complete the process in the Master Training Series.

Now that I have figured this out, the rest of the planning process has become a lot easier. I now know WHO to invite to my live event based on the action that I want them to take at the end. Many times we are so anxious to fill the seats at out live events that we are inviting any and every one. We may get people in the seats but we will not get the conversion that we want because we are presenting the wrong offer to the wrong people.

Case in point, last year I had a number of people at my event that were there because they wanted to support me and they like to hear me speak. That’s wonderful but that was not helpful.  I needed to have people at the event that had the problem that I was trying to solve and that would possibly be willing to move to the next step WITH ME. Unfortunately, I wasn’t clear exactly what I wanted that next step to be.

Other Details That I Have Figured Out

I also needed to figure out my pricing strategy. I have decided for a number of reasons that this will not be a free event (that could be another blog post by itself). There are times where having a free event is great. However, for this event, I have two financial goals: (1) to recoup my expenses and (2) to qualify the potential prospects. The ideal client for my core product is someone that is willing to invest time and money into learning how to build their digital marketing strategy. That is also the ideal client for my live event.

When deciding the price, you have to understand the purpose of your event and where it falls in your sales sequence (or funnel). This event is NOT my core product. This event would be considered a “tripwire” offer, designed to convert a potential lead or prospect into a paying customer. It should be an offer that gives tremendous value at an unbelievable price. My goal is to make sure that I recover my expenses. So, here is my pricing strategy: $37 early bird price, $49 late registration. This price includes the cost of food ($16 per person) and the cost of the workbook I decided to produce ($10).  If this was my core offer, a 3 hours training like this with materials and food included could easily be priced at $397. So $37 is a phenomenal price.

Now that we have that set, we are ready to rock and roll with promoting our event.

Alright Evergreen Revenue Model, here I come!

Progress (28 days to go)

  • Have date and venue
  • Decided my end-game
  • Decided the theme and outlined the presentation
  • Decided my pricing strategy
  • Purchase the domain: www.MasterTeacherSeries.com